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Horse slaughter debate continues


"The AAEP doesn't think that this will prevent slaughter because we think they will just go to Canada and Mexico," says AAEP Executive Director David Foley. "No one is sure of what will really happen, but we think that without this option available and no other options presented, these horses have to go somewhere."

AAEP spearheaded the Unwanted Horse Coalition last year to help educate owners and legislators on some of the issues that plague unwanted animals. The coalition is apolitical, Foley says, but as it works to devise a governing structure, it is courting the only breed non-specific equine lobbying organization on Capitol Hill to house the education effort.

"We have drafted a memorandum of understanding that we would like to enter into a relationship with the American Horse Council, so actually the American Horse Council's foundation will serve as sort of the umbrella organization for this coalition," Foley says, adding that many of the alliance members already are AHC members.

The formal proposal was expected to be submitted to the AHC Board of Trustees this month.

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