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Rood & Riddle earns reputation as 'Mayo Clinic for horses'
Lexington practice's status relies on output of 175-member work force; teamwork cornerstone of success


Industry-altering advances Dr. Larry Bramlage, recognized internationally as a premier equine orthopedic surgeon, has spent 13 years at Rood & Riddle and is one of eight partners. In his tenure, he says certain equipment and procedures have propelled the hospital and the industry to new heights.

Revolutionary technology includes the ultrasound machine, arthroscopic surgery and routine use of bone plates and screws to bring horses back from what used to be career-ending injuries, according to Bramlage.

"To summarize, for many orthopedic injuries, when I first started doing surgery, it was somewhat of a last-ditch effort," he says. "Now orthopedic surgery has changed to where surgery is the first line of defense. Previously, the concern about doing surgery was that the surgery would do as much harm as the injury did."

Beyond duty Rood is a founding member of Veterinary Management Group III (VMG III), comprised of veterinarians who focus strictly on equine issues. VMG III meets yearly to discuss hot topics, such as fees, and is sponsored by an American Association of Equine Practitioners endowment fund.

Another leader in the horse community, Bramlage, participates in an AAEP On-Call veterinarian program, in which he appears on televised Triple Crown races and other high-profile events. He fields questions from the media pertaining to horse injuries or health in general.

Additionally, the hospital recently sponsored a show jumping event at the Kentucky Horse Park (KHP). It is a fundraiser for a local shelter and KHP Foundation. The hospital also helps serve meals at a homeless center, supports blood center drives, and sends individuals to speak at schools about veterinary careers.


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