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Lost in the Fog
UC-Davis veterinarians battle a rare case of lymphoma; racing icon euthanized in mid Sept.


Fog is a playful, studdish horse.

"Anyone that has ever handled him has a mark on them, a 'Lost in the Fog' tattoo," Gilchrist remarks. "His worst habit is that he will bite. If he thinks he can get you, he will."

He would bite you if given a chance," echoes Baze. "On the track, he never got excited or antsy going into the gate, but he wasn't above taking a bite out of the pony, or the pony-girl or the groom or anybody that would get within reach. He wasn't real mean about it, he'd just every now and then reach over and remind everybody that he was a stallion."

Everyone within Thoroughbred racing became enamored of him. Lost in the Fog was a champion. He was powerful, efficient. He moved amazingly fast across the racetrack. Those close to him and his fans will miss him on the racetrack, though Thoroughbred racing was lucky to have him while it did.


Source: DVM360 MAGAZINE,
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