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Getting the jump on osteoarthritis


The team members include COL associate directors Derek Fox, DVM, PhD, and Jim Tomlinson, DVM, MVSc; Aaron Stoker, PhD, molecular biologist; William Carson, PhD, a specialist in biomechanics; imaging specialist Cristi Cook, DVM, MS; research specialists Mary Cockrell and Donna Whitener; and administrative assistant Linda Salmon, along with 22 others from various departments. The COL enjoys a strong working relationship with the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Missouri Medical School.

"This is a great team; everyone is motivated for the right reasons," he says. "We go around the room and ask, 'What problem couldn't you solve today? What couldn't you explain to a patient today? What frustrated you today?' We found a recurrent theme, that we were all tired of just palliating arthritis. That's not good enough, and we want to do better."

Cook remains committed to the value of his work for his veterinary patients.

"Our work is on the surface directed at the human realm," he says. "We can make a longer-term impact there, but it still applies back to my veterinary clinic and helps my patients. And I'm glad about that."


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