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Barbaro on the mend, Penn reports


KENNETT SQUARE, PA - 11/7/2006 - Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro's right hind leg cast was removed yesterday, according to his medical team. "Barbaro was placed under general anesthesia for the cast removal," said Dr. Dean W. Richardson, chief of surgery at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn). "In addition, his foot was trimmed and a new shoe glued on. A padded bandage with plastic and fiberglass splints was placed on his lower limb for support."

Barbaro's lower right hind leg had been in a cast since surgery at Penn's George D. Widener Hospital following his accident at the Preakness on May 20, the university reports. "He had a perfect pool recovery and immediately stood; he walked easily back to his stall," Richardson adds. "He used all of his legs quite well."

Barbaro's left hind foot, which had laminitis, was also fully evaluated while he was under anesthesia. "There are no signs of new problems with that foot, but the hoof needs several more months of growth before we will know how much foot structure and function will be recovered," Richardson says.

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