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Herriott's Legacy
Veterinarian and author James Wight describes how his father's example led him down a similar path


The work offered new insights into his father's upbringing and education, and was a fitting end to a veterinary career that spanned three decades.

Destined to be a veterinarian

Jimmy Wight accumulated some practice stories in his own right. One experience was unforgettable. It happened during his fourth year of veterinary school in his first practice outing in Staffordshire.

"The owner was an absolute rebel," Wight recalls.

"He put two fingers up to authority. I was in my fourth year, and he said to me, 'I am going to New York, Shamus.' He always called me that. 'You are going to run the practice.' "

"I told him I wasn't qualified."

"He repeated, 'You are going to run this practice.' "

"So, away he went. And I was left to run this practice as a student (with a) pile of textbooks. The very first case I got was a calving case. I vividly remember the guy on the phone: 'I have been calving cows all my life, and I have never been beaten yet. But this one is going to be a tough one. I need professional assistance.'

"I got there, and I felt three feet coming forward and no head."

Panic. Indecision. Trying to cast an air of competence — the emotions were all in play that day. But Wight did what any sharp, aspiring veterinary student should. He called a neighboring practitioner to help.


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