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Pamered pooch: Enough to make a real dog growl


I assured him that I did not know. However, I knew that there was more to come, and I was eager to see how Joe would react. He was getting quite an education.

"Now don't forget," Mrs. Coddle said next. "Brat likes to ride in this baby carriage. He won't eat his breakfast tomorrow until he gets a five-minute ride."

Hearing that, Joe made me promise that we were not playing a practical joke on him. Then he had some words of wisdom for me:

"That lady and that dog both need a good kick in the butt, Doc," he said.

I couldn't disagree.

Molly Coddle nodded to Joe and Serena as they left, then turned to me. "That was quite a shaggy beast," she said. "What kind of dog was that?"

"That," I told her, "was a pure-bred Great American Farm Dog."

Dr. Obenski owns Allentown Clinic for Cats in Allentown, Pa.

Michael A. Obenski VMD


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