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Emerging hepatobiliary diseases: know the syndromes


Histologically, it may prove difficult to distinguish hyperplasia from hepatocellular adenoma or adenocarcinoma especially in cases in which cytology is submitted for analysis. Wedge biopsies are the preferred sample of choice.

Liver disease in dogs can develop as a result of many different insults. Due to the regenerative capability of the liver, damage may repair itself. Severe or chronic damage, however, may lead to progressive and self-perpetuating chronic liver disease.

The clinical signs of liver disease often are often non-specific and laboratory and tissue sampling is essential for its recognition and evaluation. A definitive diagnosis is usually based on a combination of laboratory tests, radiography and/or ultrasound, and ultimately on histological examination of a liver biopsy.

Ongoing research to better understand the pathophysiology and etiology of these hepatic diseases is constantly underway.

Bethany Howe
Dr. Howe is a resident in small animal internal medicine at The Center For Specialized Veterinary Care in Westbury, N.Y. Her interests include diagnostic ultrasound and renal physiology. A Ross University veterinary graduate, she completed her clinical training at Auburn University and a medicine and surgery internship at The Center For Specialized Veterinary Care.

Diane Levitan
Dr. Levitan graduated with honors from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 1991. She did an internship in small animal medicine and surgery at the Animal Medical Center in New York City, and then completed a residency in Internal Medicine (small animal) at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Levitan has since been a consultant for Antech Diagnostics, owns Mobile Veterinary Ultrasound & Endoscopy, PC (a veterinary consulting service) and is the founder and director of the Center For Specialized Veterinary Care in Westbury, N.Y.


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