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The motivated staff: It's not an impossible dream


It really gets the entire staff feeling more empowered and part of a meaningful career.

Providing education

Each day is an opportunity to present some nuggets of education related to whatever medical conditions are being treated. Believe me, attendance at these 10-minute sessions will not be a problem for staff worth keeping. As for the rest, make a decision: You and they either are on convergent or divergent paths.

The hospital must operate with motivated staff – period. A cohesive team that is loyal and supportive will get through the inevitable rough times.

Ensure that all employees know your mission for patient care and the direction of your practice. Articulate your values in terms of how you expect your staff to behave.

Give more positive feedback than constructive criticism. Give positive feedback as soon as you can after the event, but make sure that, if improvement is needed, you communicate that as well.

It's dangerous to ask for feedback if you're not going to do anything about it. And what you decide to do about it must be communicated to the staff; otherwise, not all will understand why you're making that change.

I know that this level of management organization is uncommon in veterinary medicine. But the important question is, why is this rare?

Has anything been said here that is too difficult for a graduate of a veterinary college? Have I said anything that will not promote and improve your practice.?

Gerald Snyder vmd
Then just do it.

Dr. Snyder, a well-known consultant, publishes Veterinary Productivity, a newsletter for practice productivity. He can be reached at 10048 Warwickshire Lane, Charlotte NC 28270; (800) 292-7995;
Fax: (866) 908-6986.


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