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Exclusive DVM Survey: Client demand fuels spike in complaints to state boards
Serious sanctions flat, but officials cite Internet, increasing costs and human-animal bond as factors driving overall increase


Table 4: Do you know a local practitioner who has faced a state board inquiry?
So, what's the good news? The number of serious sanctions, including suspensions and loss of license, is a very small proportion of state-board remedies in cases of suspected negligence. The bad news, if the trend holds true, is that you might be more likely to receive a letter from your licensing agency. In addition, many of the complaints have more to do with poor record-keeping, officials say, than medical incompetence.

Table 5: Do you fear state board intervention?
DVM Newsmagazine's survey reports that 69 percent of respondents know a colleague who has faced a state-board inquiry, yet more than half of those respondents don't fear intervention by a licensing board (Tables 4 and 5). Practice owners are a little more uneasy about the whole prospect of fending off a client complaint, compared to associates.

Table 6: How would you rate your state boards ability as a consumer watchdog?
About 62 percent of veterinarians responding to the survey gave their boards positive ratings as a consumer watchdog. One-quarter said they are not aggressive enough, while only 12 percent thought they were too aggressive (Table 6).


Source: DVM360 MAGAZINE,
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