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Adding value to a practice — immediately
New graduates can shed still-learning stigma by bringing business sense, skill to the table


On the job

In her first few months at the new hospital, Keri focused on improving her client communication skills. She found that the other doctors and staff members were pleased to help her and freely shared ideas. They seemed to like that she asked for their advice, and she always made sure to thank them and let them know how she was doing.

Keri created a care standards checklist for herself so when she reviewed patient records she could check off the things she needed to relay to clients. She made a point of learning the best way to work with the technicians and assistants to smoothly hand over patients and clients to them. She brought the hospital owner a suggestion to improve the hospital's travel sheet to show when a dental prophylaxis was recommended and the client's response so the receptionists would know when they should schedule the procedure.

About six months after she joined the new hospital, the practice owner asked if she could develop a plan for improving its senior pet health compliance. The practice enjoyed little success in this area. The owner, however, felt it was an important health concern because of the large percentage of older patients that they were seeing. He felt a good senior wellness program could help delay or prevent problems and detect diseases at an early stage, when they would be most treatable.

Keri was flattered, but remembering her previous experience, she knew she would need help to accomplish the goal. She wants to form a cross-functional team to address senior pet health compliance. Keri plans on asking a technician, receptionist and the practice manager to participate on the team. She is looking forward to another valuable learning experience and expects to make a great contribution to improving the healthcare of senior pets, the practice and her own job satisfaction in the process.

Gavzer is a board member of the Association of Veterinary Practice Managers and Consultants and an independent veterinary business consultant focused on education, staff training and marketing. Owner of KG Marketing & Training Inc., Gavzer is a speaker and writer based in Springboro, Ohio.


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