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New England veterinary market worth $3.3 billion
Regional work force shortage predicted by 2014, including need for 650 veterinarians, report shows


Needy area

Table 3
By contrast, food-animal veterinary medicine seems a vanishing sector, overshadowed by a huge majority of clinical small-animal practitioners (from 67 percent in Vermont to 92 percent in Rhode Island). Just one veterinarian registered with the American Veterinary Medical Association treats food animals exclusively.

That statistic is deceiving, Kochevar says, given the size of the state: "You drive for 30 minutes and you're not in Rhode Island anymore." Yet just 116, or 3.8 percent, of practitioners work with food animals in the entire region, the report says.

Future directives

That kind of information coupled with statistics on topics like rising pet ownership and lower pay for women — a gender that now dominates the profession (see Table 4) — attracts the public's attention, Kochevar says. She wants to continually monitor key variables highlighted in the report about the region and the profession.

"What I propose is pulling out a dashboard of statistical indicators and updating them on regular intervals," she says.

"I think this type of data brings people closer to the school and illustrates the breadth of veterinary medicine."


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