DVMs, veterinary student converge at NAVC to examine ways to ease debt - DVM
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DVMs, veterinary student converge at NAVC to examine ways to ease debt
Salary, assessing students' business acumen and life balance highlighted during session



Life-balance challenges for women

Why are more women becoming veterinarians, yet fewer women are practice owners?

It's a subject of critical importance to the profession, explains Dr. Micaela Shaughnessy.

"What is not addressed is what's happening behind the scenes in a woman's life," Shaughnessy says.

While men and women generally start out in their veterinary careers with the same skills, abilities and desires for practice ownership, something changes along the way.

"Many women get married, and everything is still positive toward becoming a practice owner. Where this level playing field comes to a crashing halt is at the arrival of children," she says.

"Eighty percent of child care is still performed by females, even if a woman is working full time. Additionally, a woman is still performing 75 percent of housework, even if she is working full time. We go home from one full-time job in our practices to another full-time job at home," Shaughnessy says.

It's not a woman's ability (to own a practice) that changes, but her cap-ability.

Women veterinarians who want to own a practice have plenty of help and resources, but they need to plan children around their lives instead of their lives around their children, she adds. That way, "there is a much higher chance of having the dream fulfilled."



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