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Trends: Generational interplay


Sarah walked into the storage room (aka the break room) where she found Sandi and Kathy, the lead tech, embroiled in a heated dispute. Kathy was closer to Dr. Rogers' age, and the two often sided with each other on various issues.

"What is the problem here?" Sarah asked.

"We ran out of everything today," cried Sandi. "We need heartworm medication and insulin and who knows what else, and we have two clients out front right now mad at me –just me — because they want it right now."

Kathy jumped in. "Sandi wants to run over to Lake Street Vet Clinic and get all this stuff right now. We need her here because Lacey is at Wal-Mart. I might add that she left for Wal-Mart without telling anyone."

"How do you know they even have any of that stuff?" offered Dr. Rogers.

"I was online and I instant-messaged Brenda at Lakestreet. She said they can lend us a partial bottle of insulin and they have some broken heartworm boxes that they can give us," Sandi replied.

Dr. Rogers tried to mediate.

"Let me go up and talk to the clients. They can surely wait one more day while we find a way to get their medication to them."

As the doctor went up front to patch things up, the staff members continued.

"Sandi, there is a solution to all this. We have a want list, and when things get low you must add that item to the list, and I will order it like I always do on Wednesdays," Kathy said.

"I think we need a new way of doing this. It doesn't work for me. We need to get a group of us together and brainstorm a solution. Maybe we should be online all the time, perhaps work out a weekly messaging system with the other vets in town and just share drugs. Maybe when people call in we can send them to the other vets right away. I just don't want anybody mad at me," lamented Sandi.

"I don't think that is a very good business plan, but we do need a meeting soon. We need to make a list of things to cover and this will be one of them," Kathy said.

Both Sandi and Kathy were calmer and feeling better. After all, Dr. Rogers was doing the heavy lifting up front.

Just then both Sandi and Kathy were jolted from their internal thoughts by a cell phone ringing in Sandi's purse.

Sandi snared it from an inside pocket.

She opened it as Kathy looked over her shoulder.

The message read:

"Accident-Am OK – van smashed — LC."

Sandi hung up and crushed the speed-dial setting for Lacey.

"Are you all right?" Sandi asked.

"Yeah, I am eating chocolate."

Dr. Thurmond entered the room.

"What's going on?" he remarked impatiently.

Kathy looked up and remarked:

"You will not be LOL. Your clinic van is SOL."


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