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Proper staff training will eliminate barriers to providing medical services

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It is also important to decide how you will work through unanticipated problems. For instance, how can the receptionist set up Tootsie's six-month exam reminder if she does not know how to override the system's 12-month reminder default? These are the kinds of things that may not be discovered until people start doing the new work, and it is important to create a safe, supportive learning environment where team members, like the receptionist, can ask for help and make mistakes while they learn.

  • Step 4: Celebrate success

While it may seem like a lot of work, tracking and reporting results helps to maintain focus and reinforces the expectation that the areas measured will improve. Psychologists tell us that this type of feedback is its own reward. It lets hospital team members know how they are doing, much in the same way as keeping score does for winning sports teams. It also allows timely feedback and shows incremental progress from week to week and month to month.

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Finally, celebrating success is often overlooked because hospital teams are too busy to take the time to look back at what they have accomplished. Yet celebrating successes is one of the best ways to build a quality-conscious culture and obtain the compliance you want to ensure that clients and patients, like Mrs. Dunn and Tootsie, obtain the care they need.

Ms. Gavzer, MBA, CVPM, is a veterinary business consultant, and internationally known writer and speaker. She says her job is to help practices "go and grow" through education, staff training and marketing. Gavzer has more than 15 years sales and marketing experience in the veterinary industry. She helped create public education campaigns to improve pet health care and encourage owners to take their pets to their veterinarians more often. Gavzer's expertise is in marketing and staff training. She works with veterinary practices, associations and industry.


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