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Developing common sense strategies for fiscal responsibility
Using an interactive template to plan service protocol changes

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Thirdly, evaluate the example computation for a listing of potential additional services. In this issue, Dr. Tom Catanzaro has provided a bulleted list of even more possibilities. What sort of care do you truly believe is centered in the best interest of the animal and should be presented as an option for the client? Are there any services that should be added to what you currently espouse as an annual wellness examination with vaccines? Establish a price and forecast them out over the 14-year span.

Now you are ready to perform your third computation. Total the columns and add across. With a staged strategy for annual re-contact with the patient, a more aggressive pricing stance on office calls and concerted effort to promote additional wellness procedures, you should be way ahead of your current projected income on a per patient basis. To add icing to the cake, determine the difference in your new protocol tally with that of the existing protocol. Multiply the difference times the estimated annual patient load previously established. With a mere one-half hour of computations, you should have arrived at a tremendous monetary incentive for making changes now to your vaccine strategy.

The flexibility of a real time Excel worksheet where you can rapidly try different fee changes and add and subtract services at a click is truly worth the time and effort. Once a template is established, it can be revisited on quarterly or semi-annual basis for refinement, and in response to new ideas about the best pet care.

Such a mini-budget for vaccines allows you to proactively drive your practice forward to meet client need without a knee-jerk reaction in response to negative media coverage of the veterinary profession about a perceived over-vaccination problem or to the reams of client Internet printouts presented in the examination room.

Be able to measure the history of your practice and plan the ramifications of a changed schedule. Make your own destiny by gradually implementing and adjusting what you do on a daily basis by applying the scientific knowledge available and your own common sense about appropriate patient care.


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