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Online comic tells the story of today's veterinarian


"People keep asking if Amanda is me. She's obviously not me, but we certainly have a similar client base and Starbucks addiction," Israeli laughs. "If anybody is helped in any way by this project, I would be overjoyed."

With four episodes under her belt, Israeli is dreaming up new challenges for Amanda to face. Already, she has dealt with a mother who doesn't understand her hectic schedule, finding a work-life balance, having time for romance, and patients who just can't follow instructions — not to mention her adoption of Carpark, a cat left in her clinic's parking lot. Finding a job and worrying about whether it was the right decision are all topics confronting Amanda. Other conflicts might involve finding time for continuing education, dealing with patients who are used to the "old" doctor, and what to do when she might want to order a different kind of product than the clinic owner.

The Web episodes, available to watch for free at, run about two minutes in length and play out like a comic book. All the illustration is done by Barnes, who is trained as a graphic designer and now works as a social media specialist for Wedgewood Pharmacy.

"We really want to tell the story of today's up-and-coming generation of veterinarians, the folks who are inheriting the industry," Barnes says. "It's their story, and it's different from the story that's been told for the last 30 years or more."

Both Barnes and Israeli have gotten a lot of positive feedback on the series from veterinarians of all ages and, as a result, are making their series more regular. The first part of a two-part episode was set to "air" on YouTube Jan. 15, with its second part set for Feb. 15. More than 100 "fans" follow Amanda's life on Facebook at, and more than 300 followers keep track of her at

Israeli graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1992 with a bachelor of arts in dramatic arts before earning her VMD from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 2000. She works at Ivens-Bronstein Veterinary Hospital in Ardmore, Pa., and lives in southwestern Pennsylvania with her husband, three children, Norwegian forest cat and six hermit crabs.


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