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Client taxonomy: Strange new varieties of Soursa income


Dear Dr. Obenski:

It was the hottest day of the summer. The air conditioner had been tripping circuit breakers for three days, and the service man wasn't returning our calls. The lights were out in two of the exam rooms, so we had extension cords running along the floors. At one point, I was so busy I would have needed to schedule an appointment just to talk to myself. Then, right in the middle of what should have been a routine booster vaccination office call, Mona Synaptic came up with a brilliant idea.

"Doctor, I just thought of something. My new camera is out in the car. Let's get some pictures of you giving the shots."

She ran to the car before I could stop her. After that, she insisted on several different poses. Then came the flash. The pooch hit the roof. From that moment on, he was uncontrollable. It took three technicians to hold him for the injection. He urinated and defecated in four places, two of which were not my shoes.

Following the fight, Mona had another idea. "Doctor, as long as we're here, do you suppose we could trim his nails?"

I politely refused.

Dr. Obenski owns Allentown Clinic for Cats in Allentown, Pa.

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