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5 reasons why social media is beneficial for your practice


2. Social media provides valuable insight to clients.

If you want to know what's on pet owners' minds, just read their tweets or Facebook updates. You can even make it a staff assignment. Ask your team members to visit a social media site and read pet owner comments. Then at the next staff meeting, everyone should share at least one insight they gained about pet owners and how they behave outside of the practice. Where are pet owners taking their pets (e.g., on their boats or motorcycles)? Which dog parks do they favor? What questions and advice do they ask and give to one another? What recommendations do they make for pet foods, toys and more?

Does this sound frivolous? It's not. Think of it as market research. It will help you and the veterinary team get to know your current and potential clients better. You'll also be sensitizing yourself to the reality of pet owners' lives. Staff members may be amazed to learn how much pets are valued as members of the family and how much misinformation pet owners share about diets and healthcare on social media sites.

Next, brainstorm with your team on ways to use these insights to improve client service. For example, based on what you learned about clients' busy lives, how could you help them remember their appointments or give their pets medications? How could you use what you learned online to correct common misinformation? Finally, based on what you learned, what new, fun ways can you think of to strengthen your bond with pet owners?


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