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5 reasons why social media is beneficial for your practice


4. Every veterinary practice should have a blog.

For most people, including me, the hardest part about blogging is fitting it into your schedule. It's a little like e-mail in the beginning. E-mail used to be something that was hard to find time to check. Today, practices across the country receive their lab reports, inventory order confirmations and client questions via e-mail. Many practices are beginning to use it to send client reminders. E-mail is now an indispensible practice tool.

I think blogs will soon become as important as e-mail and as ubiquitous as websites are now. Blogs may even supplant websites in veterinary practices because they are so easy-to-use, effective and inexpensive. Another advantage blogs have over websites is that they are easy to change and update. No programmers required!

Your blog should match or be very similar to your practice's websites, and they should be linked. The websites then becomes your evergreen content, while your blog becomes your newspaper and is always changing.

As for blog content, use your blog to note changes in the practice such as new personnel, new equipment or capabilities (e.g., feline exam room, lasers) or new services (e.g., breed-specific wellness plans). Post announcements for your open house or encourage participation in a community pet walk or some other pet-related event. Also consider posting weekly features showcasing an adoptable pet or telling a heart-warming patient story to educate pet owners on what your hospital can do for pets with similar conditions. Finally, don't forget to think about fun things to post on your blog, such as contests or pet trivia. It's a way of letting pet owners know that you understand what they like because you're just like them.

The idea behind blogging is to engage pet owners in fresh ways and give them a chance to get to know you by telling them something useful, novel or fun. The hope is that they'll like your blog postings so much that they'll pass them on and get your hospital's name out to an ever-growing circle of pet owners.


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