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What social media can do for you


Be buzz-worthy

No matter how you choose to share the news, make sure your message sounds compelling enough to capture the attention and hearts of your audience. Your strategy should be to get your audience to act on your message and share it with others. Sharing it with others is called viral marketing, and it is how you spread the word beyond your direct contacts and fans.

You will have to adapt and tweak your announcement for each platform you use to promote your cause. Getting it right can be tricky. Take this poorly worded tweet, for example: "The Wet Noses Animal Clinic is having a benefit. Come into the practice to help shelter pets. Give $3 & more and get a gift for your pet."

Sure, this tweet fits the Twitter requirement of 140 characters or fewer, but would it compel any one to act? More importantly, what information might be missing? It doesn't tell you the location of Wet Noses Animal Clinic! Even if they were so inclined, people couldn't find the clinic to make a donation.

Let's take a look at a better version of the same information: "Wet Noses Animal Clinic, Dayton, OH, invites you to buy a pet bandanna or toy for $3 to help shelter pets. Visit wetnosesoh.com for info." There are only 135 characters and spaces in this second tweet, but it says more than the first example. It lets people know that this is a Dayton, Ohio event and that they get a specific toy or bandanna in exchange for a donation. It also sends people to the Wet Noses Animal Clinic's website for more information. When tweeting or posting on any social media site, tie your messages back to your website. Just be sure if you tell people to go to your website for more information, the information they seek is there and easy to find.

Use key words

For an even better response, tweak your tweets to include key words and calls to action. Here's an example: "Help shelter pets in Dayton, OH! Buy a dog bandanna/cat toy, $3 at Wet Noses Animal Clinic. Tell friends! More Info at: wetnosesoh.com." This is the best of the three announcements because it not only sends people to the clinic's website and makes the suggestion to tell friends about the benefit, it also includes key words like "dog," "cat," "pets," "Dayton, OH" and the clinic's name, "Wet Noses Animal Clinic." The right key words increase the chances that search engines will pick up your tweet.

In addition to using key words in the announcement itself, you can usually find a separate space on the social media website to list corresponding key words. Make sure that you consistently use your key words in every tweet and post. This will help you to gain exposure for your message.


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