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No more annual reviews
Annual reviews don't improve client and patient services, so get rid of them and implement daily previews instead


The art of criticism

Annual reviews and daily previews are difficult for some bosses and employees. Why? For a whole generation, we've replaced As, Bs and Cs with pass or fail. We've become a society unable to take criticism. Yet without criticism, change and improvements won't happen. The positive-tone daily preview sidesteps the negativity associated with a typical annual review. It also gets everyone improving their behavior today and thinking toward the future rather than discussing the past.

I hope I've convinced you to implement a daily preview rather than continue with annual reviews. If I have, in addition to making the change in your practice, please contact AAHA officials and ask them to change the standards to include previews in addition to reviews.

Dr. Riegger, Dipl. ABVP, is the chief medical officer at Northwest Animal Clinic Hospital and Specialty Practice. Contact him by telephone or fax (505) 898-0407,
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