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7 ways to promote dental care compliance
When it comes to client communications about oral health, it's as much how you say it and what you say


Photo 1: A veterinary assistant takes a picture of teeth, which in seconds broadcasts to the television screen.

A picture often speaks a thousand words. Pictures and videos let clients see what is involved in the oral assessment, treatment and prevention of dental disease. It is now possible to take a picture in the exam room that is instantly enlarged on the computer screen. An Eye-Fi (Eye-Fi, Inc.) card placed in a digital camera, coupled with a wireless network, makes instant viewing available to all (Photo 1).


When oral pathology is identified and a picture is taken, a handout that corresponds to the patient's condition can be given to the client (Photo 2). The handout may be from a published article, veterinary textbook or credible information pamphlet. It should include pictures and be easy to read and follow. This step adds credibility to your advice and gives clients a way to refer back to the information given during the visit.

Photo 2: Use a handout and picture to explain disease to a client.
Clients will often try to address treatment costs at this stage. It is important to let them know that you will cover that in detail, answering all of their questions, but prefer to focus on discussing their pets' problems and what options for treatment or management you recommend.


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