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International Summit on Race Day Medication: EIPH and the racehorse
Coming to a consensus on treating exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage


The medication summit tries to reach consensus

Palmer says that the core question for the medication summit was how to address the issue of race day medication in a way that's both good for the horse and good for the business of racing.

At the end of the second day of the summit, the participants tried to identify areas of consensus. Since many international participants were part of the discussion, the straw votes were biased to some degree by their views that were supportive of a ban on any race day medication.

"Nevertheless, there were broad areas of interest identified by the group that focused on a need for improved security and surveillance at the track, support for a pilot study to investigate the effect of a furosemide ban in 2-year-old horses, changing the way we administer furosemide, restructuring the model rules to create more severe penalties for medication violations, public education on medication issues and creation of a central racing authority to address medication issues in racing," says Palmer.

At the end of the summit, Lewis formed committees to gather further information on these areas of interest to be presented at a RMTC board meeting to be held on Aug. 4, 2011. The objective of the August meeting is to have these ad hoc committees report to the RMTC Board to facilitate board discussion and formulation of possible recommendations to the ARCI.

Ed Kane, PhD, is a researcher and consultant in animal nutrition. He is an author and editor on nutrition, physiology and veterinary medicine with a background in horses, pets and livestock. Kane is based in Seattle.


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