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New studies show uses for NT-proBNP
The biomarker can help assess patients with cardiac, respiratory disease



NT-proBNP has the potential to become a valuable tool in veterinary practice, especially if an in-house version becomes available. NT-proBNP has been shown to be able to differentiate between cardiac and respiratory dyspnea in cats. The research presented at the ACVIM Forum in Denver demonstrates it increases diagnostic accuracy of general practitioners and can help them feel more confident in the diagnoses they make. It also can play a role in predicting progression to CHF in dogs.

Our understanding of this biomarker is still incomplete; however, this should improve in the future as more research is generated and presented.

Dr. Carr is professor of small-animal medicine at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. After completing his residency at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Dr. Carr worked as a clinical instructor and as an emergency clinician before moving to Santa Fe, N.M., to work with Dr. Larry Tilley as a telemedicine consultant. His research interests include electrocardiography, blood pressure and platelet function.


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