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Diversion: Wholesaler's financial woes draw lawsuits by veterinarians
Some DVMs claim they are out thousands of dollars after diverting products outside of traditional veterinary channels


More allegations

Mike Mittleman, a private investigator in Daytona Beach, is all too familiar with the claims of veterinarians who allegedly haven't been paid for diverted product. He was first contacted months ago by a California veterinarian who allegedly was solicited by WTF to divert flea product with the promise that she would be compensated at 3 to 10 percent above the order price. Months went by, and she didn't get paid, Mittleman says. As she became more abrasive with the company, they allegedly stopped answering her calls all together and her emails started bouncing back.

Mittleman says he is now dealing with more than 30 veterinarians who allege on the record that they have not been paid. There are many more who have contacted him, but would rather stay anonymous.

"They don't want law enforcement to have their information, and they aren't going to pursue a civil suit," Mittleman says. "They're afraid of being scrutinized and demonized. They're willing to eat the money."

Most of the veterinarians he is working with have not gotten rich diverting veterinary products, he says.

"Every one of these vets who did this, they didn't [divert] prescription drugs. We're talking about a very unglamorous flea and tick product. Thousands of vets were moving this product and diverting it to retailers," he says. "And most of the vets got enticed into this because they were struggling. They were either young vets trying to pay their student loans or vets with debts.

"I know a lot of other vets might judge people, but I hope they see when you've got two kids who are severely ill, you're not exactly in a regular practice scenario," he says.


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