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Where did I go wrong? The Amazing Veterinario!
Common sense or ESP? Test your psychic powers at the next veterinary client visit.


I had to be honest, I didn't see evidence of ESP. These occurrences, and many others, are easily predictable. Shoelaces only break when you're in a hurry, and it usually rains shortly after you wash your car.

He refused to be discouraged and quickly pointed out another example from his notes. It seems that when he attended a party at a friend's house last week, he knew in advance that several people would ask him questions about their dogs and cats. He was even able to tell what some people were thinking. For example, when Mr. Wherefore described his dog's vicious behavior, Arnie knew the man would say, "We think someone must have abused him when he was young."

As far as I was concerned, none of Arnie's psychic feats would be difficult for any veterinarian. They reflected nothing more than common sense and experience. They were no more difficult than predicting that a politician will forget his campaign promises as soon as the election is over.

Nevertheless, Arnie vowed to continue his research. Within two days, I heard from him again. This time he was prepared to disprove my skepticism. He had tried dropping a piece of jelly bread, and it landed jelly-side down only 90 percent of the time. Furthermore, he tied his shoelaces as fast as he could and they didn't break. On top of that, he washed his car and it didn't rain for 36 hours. The real shocker, though, was that he figured out that only half of all politicians forget their campaign promises after an election. What he didn't realize is that I was referring only to the winners of elections. The half who remember their promises are those who lost.

Dr. Obenski owns Allentown Clinic for Cats in Allentown, Pa.

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