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A question that opens the door to better patient care
Ask veterinary clients, "How long do you want your pet to live?" Their answers can open the door to better care.


Small steps mean big returns

The time has come to better communicate those extended life values to clients. Certainly some pet owners decline necessary pet care because they're facing financial limitations. But it's possible that your low compliance rate may be the result of a communication gap among you, your staff and your clients. To identify if the right messages are getting through, you could consider videorecording your outpatient appointments. Then review the videos to evaluate your and your staff's presentation style, message and body language.

Also observe the client's body language for signs of confusion or misunderstanding. Recent studies show that many clients come away from veterinary visits confused. Make note of the following:

  • Is the client receiving a clear and specific recommendation?
  • Does the client have time to make a decision?
  • Is he or she encouraged to agree to necessary healthcare?

Discuss the results with your entire team to create awareness. Then develop an action plan you can incorporate into daily practice. Conduct this exercise on a regular basis and note improvements along the way. Remember, every client encounter is an opportunity to affirm the value of your services. But to do so, everyone in your practice must deliver a clear, concise and consistent message to clients.

It's really very biblical. How many times do the testaments say, "Ask and you shall receive?"

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