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10 veterinary pages to 'like' on Facebook
These people, practices and nonprofits can help you finesse your Facebook presence.


7 Student AVMA ( http://Facebook.com/pages/SAVMA/74321927455/): The Student American Veterinary Medical Association page is all about veterinary students, and that's why it's worth watching. This page often provides a thoughtful perspective on veterinary medicine from those looking at it with fresh eyes. Young, energetic and just a touch irreverent, it's well worth keeping in your news feed. Click "like" for: Fresh views on issues affecting veterinary medicine.

8 North Ryde Veterinary Hospital ( http://Facebook.com/northrydevet/): Dr. Dave Nicol is a veterinary management consultant, blogger and author of the book The Yellow Pages Are Dead: Marketing Your Vet Practice in the Digital Age. He is also a full-time veterinarian and practice owner. Click "like" for: Strong examples of how a digital marketing expert uses Facebook to grow his own practice.

9 NorthStar VETS ( http://Facebook.com/pages/NorthStar-VETS/98279254547/): NorthStar VETS is a 24-hour emergency and specialty center with a knack for using everyday patient visits to create fun and unique Facebook posts. It also utilizes blog posts from its doctors, speaking engagements, community outreach events and even celebrity visits (actress Linda Blair recently stopped by) to keep the page interesting. Click "like" for: Specialty practice interacting regularly with clients and making the majority of its Facebook content in-house.

10 Dr. Marty Becker ( http://Facebook.com/DrMartyBecker/): With the largest Facebook following of any veterinarian out there, Dr. Becker's page is aimed squarely at the pet-owning public. The most noteworthy aspect of the page is how Becker adds his own commentary to articles and photos from external sources to create a unique experience for visitors. Click "like" for: A unique voice and strong calls to action that encourage readers to join in and converse.

Facebook is a big place, with countless voices saying lots of things all at once. By following those who set a good example, we can all become better at engaging with others online. I hope this list will inspire you to grow your social media presence, have fun with it and create bonds with your audience. Good luck.

Dr. Andy Roark practices in Greenville, S.C. He is the founder and managing director of veterinary consulting firm Tall Oaks Enterprises. Follow him on Facebook or @Dr AndyRoark on Twitter.


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