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Children's book puts euthanasia woes to rest
Veterinarian's end-of-life guide softens the sting of pet loss for pint-sized clients.


"If we know that clients are in the moment—they're either considering euthanasia or just made the decision—we ask, 'Are there young children at home?'" Mansfield says. "If they say yes, then we hand them a book."

Medway Animal Hospital increased the total price of euthanasia by $5, which more than covers the cost of one book (which retails for $8.95). That way every euthanasia client can take home a copy and help the whole family deal with pet loss.

"All of us deal with grief in our lives," Mansfield says. "If parents teach their children through their pet loss, which is often their first loss, then grief can be part of life. We can teach them how to get it through it."

Take a look at the book

Do you think your clients would appreciate this children’s guide to euthanasia? When You Have to Say Goodbye (Beanpole, 2011) retails for $8.95 but veterinarians can snag a 50 percent discount. Contact Bella Distribution for more information:

Phone: 800-729-4992 e-mail: Visit the official website to learn more.

About the author

Monica Mansfield
Monica Mansfield, DVM, an associate at Medway Animal Hospital in Medway, Mass., may never have written When You Have to Say Goodbye if not for her client Second Lieutenant Ian Thomas McVey. McVey was very in tune with animals and knew of Mansfield's other book, a memoir about life in veterinary practice called The Black Panties: Tales of Animal Mischief and Veterinary Intrigue (Beanpole, 2006). Lt. McVey encouraged Mansfield to write a book on euthanasia for children and his timing couldn't have been more perfect.

"Just that week a family had asked me to explain the loss of their golden retriever to their 8-year-old child," Mansfield says. "I thought, 'Boy, if we had this written down somewhere it would be really helpful.'"

Lt. McVey died in military service just months after suggesting the idea and is honored in the book's foreword.


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