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Feline asthma


Anti-leukotriene drugs might have a role in the therapy of feline asthma. Zyflo, Accolate, and Singulair have all been used to treat cats with asthma, even though there are no safety or efficacy studies of these drugs in the feline species. However, it is likely that increased leukotriene production, like prostaglandin production, is a clinically non-significant by-product of the general inflammation in feline asthma.

There are no current data that suggest anti-leukotriene drugs will have an important role in the treatment of cats with asthma.

SymptomaticHuman asthma is not a curable disease, although spontaneous resolution is common in adult asthmatics that developed asthma in childhood. It is not known if this is true or not for cats with asthma. Some cats may be only mildly and intermittently symptomatic and others may suffer life-threatening illness. There may be airway inflammation even when cats are symptom free. It is, therefore, helpful to treat the underlying chronic inflammation that causes the acute signs of cough, wheeze and increased respiratory effort. Owner education is also critical so that owners develop realistic expectations of the effectiveness of the treatments for their affected cats.


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