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QUIZ: Are you a Schrader or a Yoho?
While both work in the interest of veterinary medicine, the two veterinarian-congressmen couldn't be more different politically.


Yoho campaigned on the promise to repeal the 2010 healthcare law. He held true to that promise this fall, siding with conservative House Republicans who refused to support any federal budget resolution that did not defund the law. The partisan impasse over passing a budget led to the 16-day government shutdown in October. “The Affordable Care Act continues to be disastrous for America. Every fear of the phrase ‘we have to pass it to see what is in it’ has been realized. Loss of jobs, higher premiums and burdensome regulations are just a few of the items that are ‘in it.’ As more and more people feel the negative effects of this legislation, they realize what a mistake it was,” Yoho stated Sept. 20 after voting in favor of the Continuing Appropriations Resolution that would have defunded the Affordable Care Act.

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