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Articles by David Frabotta

Revolving credit reduces ownership opportunities

Student loans take back seat to composite scores when purchasing a practice
Nov 1, 2006

National Report —Though many veterinarians fret about student loans prohibiting them from buying a practice, the real killer is revolving credit, such as credit cards and car loans.

Advanced Study

Specialty practices continue to flourish as awareness grows
Sep 1, 2006

National Report — Veterinary medicine is more specialized today than it was just a few years ago. Not only are general practitioners offering significantly more diagnostic, dentistry, imaging and surgery services in-house, they say they are referring more patients to specialists, too.

In the line of fire

Veterinary Corps celebrates 90 years of service
Sep 1, 2006

About 780 veterinarians are deployed or working in 90 countries to support combat and stationed troops. They service hundreds of working dogs and an array of mountain mules in addition to their food-safety responsibilities, research and development. They've been doing so for nine decades.

Carriage Quandry

Metropolis could restrict horse-drawn carriages to Central Park, surrounding streets
Aug 1, 2006

New York — After five horse-related accidents this year — including one in January that put a driver in a coma and one in late April that knocked a 71-year-old man unconscious — Councilman Tony Avella of Queens plans to hold a hearing this fall on a resolution to restrict horse-drawn carriages to Central Park and its surrounding streets.

Planning to volunteer?

Commanders must know capabilities prior to an event
Aug 1, 2006

Tragedy tugs at the heart. A county or region never realizes its potential solidarity until it must unite to overcome odds.

Are you ready for the unexpected?

Aug 1, 2006

National Report — He didn't stage a heroic rescue effort or man an impromptu staging area when Hurricane Charlie battered Port Charlotte, Fla., in 2004. He had more pressing duties: picking up the pieces of his shattered home and displaced family.

2010: Recruitment odyssey

State of the Profession, 2006: Practices maintain the struggle to find and retain quality staff as baby boomers continue to retire
Jul 1, 2006

National Report — Good employees are hard to come by, and it won't get easier any time soon.

Perspective is everything

Jul 1, 2006

He was a registered veterinary technician before earning his DVM and eventually buying Woodcrest Veterinary Clinic in Riverside (Calif.) in 1992. He is the only American Animal Hospital Association president who worked as an RVT, and that experience on both sides of the employment equation gives Dr. Michael P. Andrews unique perspective on why staffers choose to stay at a practice.

The rising tide of healthcare

Employees can shoulder some premium hikes, but at what cost?
Jul 1, 2006

Washington — Small business health plans were shelved May 11 to the chagrin of the American Veterinary Medical Association. But opponents say the proposal will do little to aid the millions of uninsured Americans and could actually raise the cost of healthcare premiums in the long term.


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