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Articles by Gerald Snyder, VMD

Practice for Profit - Mathematics to the rescue

Jul 1, 2005

Mathematics is a lovely endeavor. It is straightforward, honest and without complications. Life, on the other hand, is filled with un-asked for permutations that drive us up walls, which when fully considered using Newtonian physics is a practical impossibility.

Practice for profit - Respect must be earned

But vacation hours accrue with time
Jun 1, 2005

Identity crises are for other people. I am what I am. I'm a veterinarian and proud to wear that title.

Practice for profit

Employee defection insidious to long-term practice health
May 1, 2005

Domineering management styles can force the best employees out the door

Practice for Profit - Reeling in big fish

Little details can help you draw the large moneymakers
Apr 1, 2005

Have you ever stopped at a traffic light or just walked through a new section of town and inhaled the smell of garlic coming from a local Italian restaurant or the unmistakable aroma from a BBQ eatery? When you are paying the bill, do you ever wonder how you made the decision, spur of the moment, to fill up with pasta or ribs?

Practice for profit - Train your pain away!

Hiring is the first step; training will generate the most productivity.
Mar 1, 2005

The interview stage is where we separate the women from the girls, the marrow from the bone, the competent from the inept. This is where we decide who is to receive our largesse and enjoy the not-so-great employment opportunity we offer so magnanimously.

SuperMom to the rescue/Practice for Profit

Part-time employees, job sharing might fit the bill for many clinics
Feb 1, 2005

Welcome back to this continuing soap opera we call: The Productive Veterinary Hospital. This month on "St. Anywhereelsebuthere", we go boldly forward where few have gone before. I speak of the world of part-time employees.

Practice for profit "Help we've fallen and can't get up"

The public has spoken: Vaccinations, ovariohysterectomies are commodities
Jan 1, 2005

Good employees, those with the work ethic and constructive attitude needed to make your practice prosper, must not be infected with Apartment-Car Syndrome.

Practice For Profit-Dare to stray from the herd

Dec 1, 2004

The first lesson I try to implant is that average ain't good enough today.

Practice for Profit: Eight ways to destroy productivity and morale

Staff issues can be ridiculous at times; refrain from fighting fire with fire
Nov 1, 2004

IIf my mental calculator is not askew, Caryn and I have just completed Veterinary Productivity's 350th in-house, on-site, out-of-town, hotel food AGAIN, practice productivity consultation. Each one of these veterinary entrepreneurs asked us to help improve their bottom lines. Oh, they said they wanted to streamline their services, make sure that they weren't missing any client service opportunities, yada yada yada. What they all really wanted was more money to play with at the end of each month just in case, however unlikely, they ever decided to retire.


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