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Articles by Christina Macejko

Pennsylvania puppy mill law: State forces breeders to work with DVMs

Nov 1, 2008

Harrisburg, Pa. — Pennsylvania legislators passed a controversial law aimed at improving conditions for dogs in so-called puppy mills.

DVM, staff thwart robbery

Police apprehend fleeing suspect; clinic resumes surgeries
Nov 1, 2008

An Ohio veterinarian and his staff fought off a man who burst into the practice claiming to have a bomb.

Jury acquits DVM of abuse, theft counts

Verdict ends costly one-year battle, but stigma remains
Nov 1, 2008

Desert Hills, Ariz.— Dr. Joshua Winston spent more than a year fighting to clear his name, which he says has cost him nearly $250,000 and more grief than he cares to recall.

Vets size up presidential candidates

Next commander-in-chief has important role in future of veterinary medicine
Oct 1, 2008

Neither candidate has said much animals on the campaigns trail, but DVMs are watching the race closely.

DVMs voice opinions on presidential race

DVM poll shows economy, war in Iraq are top concerns for veterinarians
Oct 1, 2008

Veterinarians cast votes on Election 2008's biggest issues.

State associations call for antimicrobial restrictions

Oct 1, 2008

The New Jersey and the Maine veterinary medical associationa renew pleas for antimicrobial restrictions.

The pets behind the presidents

Pups prove popular when politician faces scandal or needs a few votes
Oct 1, 2008

Not having a First Pet lined up may not hurt Obama's campaign, but getting one could help.

Oregon DVM runs for U.S. Congress

Oct 1, 2008

OREGON CITY, ORE. — If elected, veterinarian, farmer and small-business owner Kurt Schrader would be uniquely positioned to facilitate legislation key to the veterinary profession, such as increasing the number of veterinarians in rural practice and putting more funding into research.

Educators issue a call to action

Oct 1, 2008

Everyone with a stake in veterinary medicine is being asked to develop a 40-year education plan.


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