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Articles by Christopher J. Allen, DVM, JD

Documents can't create a practice culture; people do

Employment contracts can help set expectations, but legal follow-through can hurt a practice in the long term
Feb 1, 2006

You cannot successfully create or alter a practice culture by drafting documents.

Legal War stories

Heady battle advice for associates, owners and soon-to-be retirees
Jan 1, 2006

A love note from the Empire State said it would seize the X-ray, ultrasound and Q-Tips to satisfy Oldtimer's sales tax obligations.

How to cut legal fees when starting or selling a practice

Nov 1, 2005

A retainer agreement should include a statement of hourly billing rates.

Just remember: States claim jurisdiction over most aspects of business

There is no one-stop shopping for licenses, permits and certificates
Oct 1, 2005

Never underestimate the potential liability associated with toxic-substance contamination.

Associate contracts: Walk a mile in the practice owner's shoes

Finding common ground calls for a meeting of the minds
Sep 1, 2005

There is a fundamental concept about contract law that students learn in their very first weeks of law school. It's a concept referred to as "meeting of the minds."

Employee dishonesty

Sometimes outside investigation warranted
Aug 1, 2005

Employee theft is one of the most divisive events that can take place in a veterinary practice. The problem extends well beyond the loss of funds or product that characterize the criminality.

Employee theft: Take appropriate action

Keep tabs on bookkeeping, inventory and employee records
Jul 1, 2005

The legal rule: Without a conviction, there is no criminality shown. If there is no criminality shown, you cannot safely make public accusations of that crime.

Zoonosis: What are the legal risks?

Are you protected from clients who will sue anyone for anything?
May 1, 2005

Our actions might have ramifications outside the realm of patients' immediate health.

Address legal threats before buying into a practice

Mar 1, 2005

I have lost count of the number of occasions when I have written in this column that partnership in a veterinary practice is very similar to marriage. The analogy is one that potential partners must ignore at their peril. Nonetheless, joint ownership of a professional practice can be much like something else as well: a couple moving in together.


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