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Articles by Gerald Snyder, VMD

Practice For Profit

We don't 'recommend' use of obscenities in practice
Oct 1, 2004

Take diplomacy out of practice: Clients shouldn't influence medical decisions

Practice for Profit

50 productivity goals any practice can achieve
Sep 1, 2004

Organizational procedures can help a practice deliver consistent, quality care.

Practice for Profit

Lets take practice math to post-graduate level
Aug 1, 2004

While we add 48 percent more practitioners, we will have only 10 percent more pets. And... only 59 percent of pets ever see a veterinarian ...

Practice math 101

Correct ratios can determine difference between comfy or cramped retirement
Jun 1, 2004

Dentistry, including dental anesthesia, should be no less than 4.5 percent of each month's revenues.

Practice math 101 remains indispensable training

Use ratios to help improve practice'sfinancial performance
May 1, 2004

Your homework assignment: Learn and apply the following practice mathematical rules and ratios by this time next month.

Are we not love vendors?

DVMs are caretakers of pets that offer unconditional love to owners
Apr 1, 2004

I have a present for you, Mrs. Client. It's behind that door over there. And I know you are going to love it!

Break off the love affair with the big office visit fee

The practice's average transaction fee remains much better predictor
Mar 1, 2004

I had a dream last night, probably because of dinner I over-consumed as usual.

Exams too often botched up

Expediency remains watchword of the day; take time with patients
Feb 1, 2004

Examination is 50 percent of the work of our profession. Examination is the key to our success or failure in the pursuit of our profession. Examination is the most botched up service performed by fully 50 percent of our colleagues in both its qualitative and quantitative aspects.

Abide by 'universal laws' for business success

Like packs in nature, the group can only move as fast as the slowest member
Jan 1, 2004

Our universe is governed by laws. Natural laws. Laws that are as immutable as the laws of gravity and thermodynamics and these impact each and every one of us every day and in every way.


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