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Articles by Michael A. Obenski, DVM

Where did I go wrong?

Politics in the exam room can get heated
Oct 1, 2004

Ideologies largely are emotional,which makes them good topics to avoid

Where did I go wrong?

Cookie batter's ingredients raise concern
Sep 1, 2004

This cat owner emergency easily licked by speedy stool sample analysis

Where did I go wrong? A veterinarian afraid of a little kitty?

Heavy armament needed to fend off this 24-pound bundle of meanness
Jul 1, 2004

Heavy armament needed to fend off this 24-pound bundle of meanness

Where did I go wrong?!

You're fired! Irate client's verbal assault has Dr. O retrenching
Jun 1, 2004

God must love stupid people. He made so many of them.

Dr. Hardway no match for rugrats

Obnoxious, ferret-faced brats No. 1reason old doc checked into Cold Embers
May 1, 2004

Last week, sensing that spring was in the air, I realized that it was time for my annual visit to our old friend and colleague, Dr. Leonard D. Hardway. As you may recall, Leonard is a stressed out veterinarian who now resides at The Cold Ember Home for Burned Out Veterinarians, located in Rope's End, Wisconsin.

Good old days getting a little blurry

EKGs, potbellies, acid reflux replace kegs, growing pot, acid rock as time marches on
Apr 1, 2004

He was only about 18 inches tall and seemed completely motionless. I wanted to get up close and take his picture, but I was afraid to approach him. Then, one of his eyes flicked open. I jumped 30 feet. The crocodile was only 12 feet long.

Beware of grass moles

Every practice has them-'F' clients who 'dispense a whole 'lotta misery'
Mar 1, 2004

Will Rogers was a man of great perception whose homespun brand of humor and philosophy once captivated America.

One clear thought deserves another

Decoding needed when tryingto assess some patients' needs
Feb 1, 2004

I have known Puzzle for years. Furthermore, I enjoy seeing the little pooch now and again even if his owners are a little wacky. (Aren't they all?) However, his most recent visit to my office did not go as smoothly as usual.

Know when to call in specialist

Taxidermist last, best hopefor tumor with cat attached
Jan 1, 2004

I could see the problem the moment I entered the exam room, but, just for fun, I decided to wait until Mr. Obtuse pointed it out to me.


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