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Articles by Michael A. Obenski, DVM

Where did I go wrong?

Wanda Sample spurs spurious ethical dilemma.
Mar 1, 2005

Should we actually charge for medicine or give it away?

Where did I go wrong?: Losing clients can be ... satisfying

Kowtowing to bad clients can be bad for business
Jan 1, 2005

I tried to explain that six years and 60 pounds alters a lot of things. He was not in agreement.

Where did I go wrong?

Politics in the exam room can get heated
Oct 1, 2004

Ideologies largely are emotional,which makes them good topics to avoid

Where did I go wrong?

Cookie batter's ingredients raise concern
Sep 1, 2004

This cat owner emergency easily licked by speedy stool sample analysis

Where did I go wrong? A veterinarian afraid of a little kitty?

Heavy armament needed to fend off this 24-pound bundle of meanness
Jul 1, 2004

Heavy armament needed to fend off this 24-pound bundle of meanness

Where did I go wrong?!

You're fired! Irate client's verbal assault has Dr. O retrenching
Jun 1, 2004

God must love stupid people. He made so many of them.

Dr. Hardway no match for rugrats

Obnoxious, ferret-faced brats No. 1reason old doc checked into Cold Embers
May 1, 2004

Last week, sensing that spring was in the air, I realized that it was time for my annual visit to our old friend and colleague, Dr. Leonard D. Hardway. As you may recall, Leonard is a stressed out veterinarian who now resides at The Cold Ember Home for Burned Out Veterinarians, located in Rope's End, Wisconsin.

Good old days getting a little blurry

EKGs, potbellies, acid reflux replace kegs, growing pot, acid rock as time marches on
Apr 1, 2004

He was only about 18 inches tall and seemed completely motionless. I wanted to get up close and take his picture, but I was afraid to approach him. Then, one of his eyes flicked open. I jumped 30 feet. The crocodile was only 12 feet long.

Beware of grass moles

Every practice has them-'F' clients who 'dispense a whole 'lotta misery'
Mar 1, 2004

Will Rogers was a man of great perception whose homespun brand of humor and philosophy once captivated America.


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