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Articles by Jessica Tremayne

Veterinarians pay tribute to Veneman

Jan 1, 2005

Washington—In the wake of Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman's resignation from her Cabinet post, leaders in organized veterinary medicine praise the Bush administration heavyweight for supporting the profession.

Income disparity provides elusive; too many variables

Experts suggest complicated issue needs detailed study
Dec 1, 2004

This will be a non-issue five years from now.

Court throws out gender claim in UC-Davis suit

Dec 1, 2004

Davis, Calif.—On Oct. 18, the Court of Appeal of the State of California, Third Appellate District, dismissed Dr. Carol Mandell's accusations of gender discrimination and national origin discrimination, but it said there is sufficient evidence to pursue an age discrimination case.

Making history, despite the odds

First female national association president changed history
Dec 1, 2004

More than a decade after serving as the first female president of the American Animal Hospital Association, (AAHA) Dr. Linda Merry defines her experience as more than a fond memory; she is proud of being "eternally useful."

Rabies study might improve detection time, quell spread

Dec 1, 2004

ST. PAUL MINN.—A better way of understanding how rabies affects infected animals is being researched in the Serengeti.

Creating work/life balance can be juggling act

Mother and practice owner strives to maintain life outside of work
Nov 1, 2004

The toughest professional decisions are made with compromise for practice owner Dr. Abby Snyder. She generally reduces the pile of medical charts on her desk by half before going home to her husband and daughter.

FVMA building takes hit from Hurricane Jeanne

Nov 1, 2004

Orlando, Fla.— A gaping hole allowed 2 inches of rain water to drench computers and other equipment in the Florida Veterinary Medical Association's (FVMA) building after Hurricane Jeanne gushed across Orlando.

Florida veterinarians take one more hit

Hurricanes damage homes, clinics; insurance deductibles strike pocketbooks
Nov 1, 2004

Orlando, Fla.—Insurance surprises have burdened Florida veterinarians with piles of bills and questions about their practices' future.

Researchers at UM find gene that causes death

Breeders can screen for GBE1 so carriers do not pass it to offspring
Nov 1, 2004

ST. PAUL, MINN.—Researchers discovered the gene responsible for glycogen branching enzyme deficiency (GBED), which kill about one-fourth of foals born to carriers of the faulty make-up.


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