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Articles by Gerald Snyder, VMD

Constantly changing

Fluid fee structure, ATF allows practice to weather staff departures, changes in demographics without sinking ship
Dec 1, 2003

Welcome back, intrepid readers.

Excessive staff costs can sink your practice

Plan ahead for increases in costs
Nov 1, 2003

Despite the nationwide recession, Elsewhere Animal Hospital was chuggin' along.

'Waste management' can be for fun and profit

Return on investment for specimen diagnostics worth its weight in gold
Oct 1, 2003

When I was a very much younger man, high on love and life, in the very cosmopolitan city of brotherly love sometimes called Philadelphia, I was walking back from our bookstore toward the veterinary college. Turning a corner, I fell in step with one of my favorite personalities at the college, Dr. Paul Berg, professor of surgery.

Is there room on your throne for new ideas?

In practice, silence is not golden and ignorance is never bliss
Sep 1, 2003

The owner of a five doctor veterinary practice in Afurpiecefrumhear, Missouri loved to hunt. Every year, he would take one of his associates with him into the wilderness to test their skills against non-patients.

Top 10 ways to bite back at bad press

Consumer Reports could use dose of own medicine
Aug 1, 2003

1. Pay for subscriptions by credit card. That gives you federal Fair Credit Billing Act rights to dispute a bill for unsatisfactory advice in dealing with professional services, which you don't otherwise have. If you buy a turkey baster based on the magazine's recommendations and it turns out to be unsatisfactory, I would immediately ask for a refund of my subscription charges.

It's all a matter of perspective

Jul 1, 2003

Back to basics: Support yourself by providing a valuable service to clients

Rat races are for rats

Jun 1, 2003

Since the beginning of the year, I am getting more and more calls from colleagues concerned about their financial stability, the erosion of their retirement funds and with the decline in client visits, the ability of their practice to weather this recession.

How fast are you driving?

Don't blindfold yourself when trying to accelerate practice profit
May 1, 2003

Imagine yourself on a long trip. For the most part, traffic has been rolling along at 70 miles an hour on a highway with a 65-mile speed limit. You are a quarter mile behind the car ahead of you as you enter an area with a reduced speed 50 miles per hour sign, and you see a state highway patrol car just ahead with its radar pointed directly at you.

Economically some practices in 'Wonderland'

Apr 1, 2003

The time has come the Walrus said to speak of many things. Of shoes and ships and sealing wax and other inconsequential things.


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