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Articles by Michael A. Obenski, DVM

One clear thought deserves another

Decoding needed when tryingto assess some patients' needs
Feb 1, 2004

I have known Puzzle for years. Furthermore, I enjoy seeing the little pooch now and again even if his owners are a little wacky. (Aren't they all?) However, his most recent visit to my office did not go as smoothly as usual.

Know when to call in specialist

Taxidermist last, best hopefor tumor with cat attached
Jan 1, 2004

I could see the problem the moment I entered the exam room, but, just for fun, I decided to wait until Mr. Obtuse pointed it out to me.

Pet psychics bridge gap in medical knowledge

Claire Voyant, Charlotte Tan called in to divine true cause of Hale and Hearty's chronic maladies
Dec 1, 2003

It was a landmark phone call. Mrs. Itis is concerned about the health of her aging cats, needed to talk to the doctor "right away."

Aren't we lucky we don't have to deal with people?

Dee Crepit's powers of observation still border on non-existent
Nov 1, 2003

I could hardly believe my eyes, but there he was.

What's wrong with catalog drug sales?

Who says you need a veterinary degreeto dispense, administer meds?
Oct 1, 2003

I patiently explained the technique several times, but Mr. Bungle didn't seem to be able to grasp the concept.

Sock-pilfering pooch uncovers hanky-panky

Tears of joy greet news thatwayward sock found in nosey mutt
Sep 1, 2003

ith little more than a glance at the first X-ray, Flora knew the diagnosis. Still, she took a few minutes to study both views carefully just as she always instructed her students to do. She knew all too well that her years of experience had not granted her immunity from mistakes. Then, satisfied that the films showed no evidence of less obvious problems which would prove to be embarrassing if discovered later, she headed for the privacy of her office to make the phone call. Many of the other staff members shared offices, but as a perk of seniority, she

Where did I go wrong?

Bad college habits catch up with you afterall
Aug 1, 2003

I was just finishing up the office call with his dog, when Mr. Isobar asked me an important question.

Computers: friend or foe?

For the 'electronically challenged,' pencil and pens worked just fine, thank you
Jul 1, 2003

As you undoubtedly know, computers have revolutionized our ability to store and retrieve information.

Answer: All of the above

'Fungi' Arnie wears Dr. O out with corny puns and one-liners; does this story ever end...?
Jun 1, 2003

Telephone calls from my friend, Arnie, fall into a category I term E-calls.


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