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Articles by Christopher J. Allen, DVM, JD

OSHA and workers' comp: It's about money

Apr 1, 2004

It is always interesting to me how much health professionals complain about the intervention of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)into their practices and the costs and inconveniences of compliance.

Exam room dialogue: What clients must be told to protect yourself

Mar 1, 2004

The examination room can be a horridly stressful place. The stomach butterflies often begin before the veterinarian even walks in the door.

Seven 'risky moments' that scream malpractice

'Fault-finding' becoming more common than in the past
Feb 1, 2004

Sometimes it seems as though the clinical practice of veterinary medicine is a perpetual manifestation of the timeworn expression "no good deed goes unpunished."

Brainstorm and simplify when planning estate; preparation helps family, business

Jan 1, 2004

The world only seems to get more and more complex, and the more we "grab life by the horns," the more complicated entanglements we face.

Handling a DVM's estate challenging; plan now

Dec 1, 2003

You'll never witness any shortage of complaints and dismay associated with being the spouse or significant other of a practicing veterinarian. There are the long hours and late nights. There are lots of parties you show up at late. Then, there are those movies and theatrical performances you only see part of; whether you miss the first third or the last third depends on when the emergency call comes.

For love or money; the decisions can be tough

Oct 1, 2003

Ever hear that expression, "I wouldn't do that for love or money?" I suppose that what the expression really means is that "I wouldn't do that for anything." The logical inference is that if there is no emotional or economic motivation, there isn't any motivation at all. In the law, and in the veterinary workplace, the truth of this inference plays out each and every day.

Should a veterinarian's work relationships be formalized?

Sep 1, 2003

This month, we begin a series covering a particularly relevant topic in veterinary law, yet one that is widely overlooked both by lawyers when they are counseling veterinarians and veterinarians as they seek out legal advice.

Volunteerism can put practice at risk for violations of labor laws

Aug 1, 2003

Last month we discussed the pressure tactics parents, uncles, aunts and friends of young people can use on us as veterinary practitioners to arrange for their favorite youngster to come into our clinics and "observe."

Volunteers in veterinary practice can pose problems

Jul 1, 2003

You don't have to be a veterinarian for very long before it happens to you.


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