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Articles by Michael A. Obenski, DVM

Axioms guide, as well as rule, veterinary life

Words to live by: 'Everything is funny when it happens to someone else'
Mar 1, 2003

It was a strange phone call, indeed. At least, that's what my secretary thought. "Doctor," she said. "There's a man on line one who keeps yelling the number six." I asked her if that was all he had said, and she replied that his exact words were: "Six! Six! Get Obenski to the phone. Tell him that I have a classic six!"

Rebates: Dumb, dumb and dumber

Clients' 'reasonable' requests for prorated bill stymies Dr. O
Feb 1, 2003

I was just finishing my supper, when the call came in on the home phone. It was Mr. Izzy A. Payne calling about his dog, Yessiree Bob. "I'm sorry to call you at home, doctor," he said.

'Love Training:' This book report long overdue

Suckers for new fad training books are born every minute.
Jan 1, 2003

I watched them for five minutes. Mrs. Crowbait looked at the horse, and as might be expected, the horse looked at her. Neither of them moved.

'Wallet lockjaw' found to be contagious

Clients have the disease, but veterinarians suffer ill effects of shallow pockets
Dec 1, 2002

Vera Stingy was so upset that she rushed one of her dogs over to see me after waiting just three days longer than she should have. (Usually, she waits until death is imminent.)

Client talking doesn't necessarily guarantee information

Nov 1, 2002

I entered the exam room and introduced myself as I always do with new clients.

'Ninth pin' ruins otherwise good day

Oct 1, 2002

Have you ever noticed the similarity between hiring an employee and purchasing a new shirt?

Enough blame to go around

Sep 1, 2002

Each of us receives the occasional "thank you" note or letter of praise from a grateful client.

And the second place winner is...
The Terminator

Jul 1, 2002

From the editor: In January we invited readers to submit their own versions of "Where Did I Go Wrong" in the second Mike Obenski Writing Contest. More than 200 entries poured in and among them Mike Obenski found four worthy of appearing with "the master." This month, Dr. Mark Peter's entry, "The Terminator," garners second prize. Next month the third prize winner will appear; in September, the honorable mention.

Hugh Betcha, Augusta Wind blow in with helpful hints

Jul 1, 2002

Mr. Betcha is one of the most cooperative clients you could ever hope to have.


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