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Articles by Christopher J. Allen, DVM, JD

Taxes, insurance often overlooked for contractors

Jun 1, 2003

In the first part of this series, we identified a number of problem areas that surround the employment relationship when a practice hires (perhaps a better word would be "enlists") a part-time or relief veterinarian.

Last in a four-part-series: Associate contracts

Apr 1, 2003

Don't overlook disability and pension benefits; make sure you understand documents; legalese can short-circuit best intentions

Third in a four-part series- Associate contracts: salary vs. production-basedcompensation

Mar 1, 2003

The initial two articles in this series on associate employment contracts dealt primarily with legal details of the contract; contract periods, renewal provisions and other esoteric elements that are commonly ignored when a new associate is considering a job offer.

Last in a two-part series: Timing can be everything with employment contracts

Feb 1, 2003

Pay close attention to deadlines, dates and expirations

First in a four-part series: Associate contracts: When are they necessary?

Jan 1, 2003

There are a host of decisions and options facing newly graduating veterinary students as they work through their final year.

Future partners: Do your homework

Nov 1, 2002

Veterinarians who are preparing to enter into partnerships are usually thinking one main thought, "We are going to make such great money and I can't wait to be able to share the workload."

Partnerships: Can you protect yourself from liability?

Oct 1, 2002

Second in a three-part series

First in a three-part series: Eyes wide open ensures successful partnership

Sep 1, 2002

DVM Newsmagazine readers who have seen my articles in the past know that as an attorney and business counselor, I am very conservative in recommending veterinary partnerships.

Trusts viable option to protect assets

Jul 1, 2002

As we mentioned last month, the best way to protect assets that have accumulated over a lifetime has a great deal to do with the perceived threats.


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