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Articles by Michael A. Obenski, DVM

And the second place winner is...
The Terminator

Jul 1, 2002

From the editor: In January we invited readers to submit their own versions of "Where Did I Go Wrong" in the second Mike Obenski Writing Contest. More than 200 entries poured in and among them Mike Obenski found four worthy of appearing with "the master." This month, Dr. Mark Peter's entry, "The Terminator," garners second prize. Next month the third prize winner will appear; in September, the honorable mention.

Hugh Betcha, Augusta Wind blow in with helpful hints

Jul 1, 2002

Mr. Betcha is one of the most cooperative clients you could ever hope to have.

And the winner is

Jun 1, 2002

From the editor: They kept coming and coming and coming. Every day during January and February I would get an exasperated look from the mailroom guy as he brought in my mail. Some days he had to carry it with both hands. Most days it wouldn't fit in my in-box so he dumped it on my table.

Daisy pulls quick one on Mike

May 1, 2002

Caution! You may be one of the 12 veterinarians who are going to be highly annoyed by the material in this column.

Arnie tries contest 'end run'

Apr 1, 2002

I could hardly believe my eyes. My boss, Dr. Oldguy, was throwing away pieces of mail without even opening them.

Old habits die hard

Mar 1, 2002

I used to have a handle on life, but it broke. At least that's what my friend, Arnie, says. If your practice suffered greatly from the February doldrums and you had nothing better to do with your time than to read my column, then you may recall what he said about me last month.

'Old Fogysaurus' rears ugly head

Feb 28, 2002

At first, the task seemed simple. All I had to do was to give the pooch an injection, dispense a few pills and send him home.

Can anyone explain pet owner economics?

Jan 1, 2002

Which one would I choose: the glazed, the powdered, or my usual favorite, the jelly donut?

Dreams of Retirement Fleeting

Dec 1, 2001

I left the exam room for just a few minutes to get a shot of penicillin for her dog. By the time I got back, Mrs. Quibble was hopping mad.


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