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Articles by Johnny D. Hoskins, DVM, PhD, DACVIM

Liver disease often associated with superficial necrolytic dermatitis

May 1, 2002

Signalment: Canine, Sheltie, 11-year-old, female spayed, 32 lbs.

Ultrasonography best to assess character, consistency of renal parenchyma

Apr 1, 2002

Q. Renomegaly is often seen in older cats. What are the differential considerations?

Clinical diagnosis of pyelonephritis often presumptive

Apr 1, 2002

The dog presents for weight loss, acting strangely and urinary incontinence.

Can you rule out pancreatitis?

Mar 1, 2002

Yorkshire Terrier, 10-year-old, female spayed, 11.4 lbs.

Hypoadrenocorticism: Slow heart rate, circulatory shock heightens suspicion

Mar 1, 2002

Could you review hypoadrenocorticism in young dogs?

Natural aging can have direct and indirect effect on behavior

Mar 1, 2002

Q: Could you review some neurologic diseases of the older dog?

Should you consider prostatic disease?

Feb 1, 2002

The case history includes that the dog presents Dec. 7, 2001 for chronic diarrhea and recurrent urinary tract infection.

Ask questions when dog presents for mismate management

Jan 1, 2002

Q. Could you provide a practical review on mismate management of dogs?

Neurologic signs can be subtle

Jan 1, 2002

Canine, Boston Terrier, 10-year-old, male castrated, 23 pounds.


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