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Articles by Carl A. Osborne, DVM, PhD, DACVIM

Nonsurgical retrieval of migrating transurethral catheters

Jan 1, 2002

Transurethral catheterization of the urinary bladder is commonly used as a diagnostic and therapeutic aid.

The medical history: Are you asking questions right?

Nov 1, 2001

From a client's viewpoint, timely differentiation of potentially reversible disease from irreversible disease is an important expectation related to clinical assessment of illness.

Are you knowledgeable? Are you wise? There is a difference

Oct 1, 2001

George Anyon, a philosopher, penned this thought, "Knowledge is proud that he has learned so much; wisdom is humble that he knows no more." What is the meaning of this aphorism? Is there a difference between knowledge and wisdom? How does this thought apply to our role as veterinary practitioners?

'Ur-ine the know'

May 1, 2001

Throughout history, the study of urine has unlocked diagnostic clues in human, animal disease

What does it mean to be humane?

Apr 1, 2001

Confusion and misunderstanding often occur when two people attempt to communicate using two different languages.

Iatrogenic urinary disorders: How can you minimize them?

Mar 1, 2001

The Greek term "iatros" means physician, and is derived from the word "iasthai", which means to heal or cure.

In modern usage "iatro" connotes a relationship to medical or surgical treatments. The term iatrogenic contains the root word "iatros," and the root word "gennan" which means "to create or produce".

Discolored urine: What does it mean?

Feb 1, 2001

Interpretation of color is subjective, and therefore varies from person to person. The most reliable results are obtained when a standardized method is consistently used. Urine color should be evaluated by placing a standardized volume of urine in a standardized clear plastic or glass container and viewing the sample against a white background with the aid of a good light source.


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