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Articles by Daniel R. Verdon

One man, one vote

Dec 1, 2006

Helena, Mont. -- Every vote matters to Krayton Kerns, DVM.

Banfield summit asks leaders to mull key professional issues

National veterinary calendar, recruitment program unveiled
Nov 1, 2006

Portland—Officials ready the debut of pet owner pricing research following an industry summit that drew 103 leaders of veterinary associations and animal health companies.

Breaking boundaries

Nov 1, 2006

Columbia, Mo.— The human-animal bond has no economic boundaries.

Research consortium to take on genetic diseases

Morris Animal Foundation ponies up $2.5 million to help fund efforts
Oct 1, 2006

St. Paul, Minn. — As MIT's Broad Institute closes in on successfully mapping the estimated 300 billion base pairs that make up the equine genome this fall, the Morris Animal Foundation announces a $2.5-million grant to help fund the Equine Consortium for Genetic Research.

Holding onto the mansion?

Oct 1, 2006

Running for his second-term as Georgia governor, Sonny Perdue, DVM, announced he would eliminate state income tax for seniors.

Inside Politics: 2006 vote

Oct 1, 2006

With a country at war in Iraq and increasingly hostile economic times at home, the political fervor over this nation's top issues will be on voters' minds Nov. 7. Sixteen DVMs vie for office.

FDA mulls next move in compounding court decision

Oct 1, 2006

Washington — While compounding proponents claim victory to a recent district court decision, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is weighing its options.

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Oct 1, 2006

Every veterinarian has a role to play, says Smith. "It starts locally and runs to the highest levels of government."

Of life and death: Stop treatment points edge higher, DVM survey says

State of the profession coverage 2006
Sep 1, 2006

National Report — $1,451: It's the price most clients will stop treatment of a sick or injured animal, veterinarians report.


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