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Articles by Daniel R. Verdon

Task force looks to manpower study

May 1, 2003

Goal: To understand why fewer students are opting for food animal practice

Veterinarians, dogs aid in Iraq military effort

May 1, 2003

Cleveland-As the United States military pounded Iraqi resistance in Baghdad, Army veterinarians were aiding military operations just behind the frontlines.

Injection site lesion message needs to hit dairy industry, expert says

Apr 1, 2003

Fort Collins, Colo.-While the beef industry has made significant inroads in reducing injection site lesions in beef carcasses, veterinarians need to work to educate dairy producers on similar changes to injection practices.

NAHMS Dairy 2002

Vaccination practices vary greatly
Mar 1, 2003

Fort Collins, Colo.-The National Animal Health Monitoring System (NAHMS) study shows that vaccination practices among the nation's dairy producers vary significantly by herd size.

FDA continues to deliberate actions to control antimicrobial resistance

Feb 1, 2003

Washington-The Food and Drug Adminis-tration (FDA) is still gathering input about its proposal to curb antibiotic drug resistance.

Biosecurity: Stakes are high; help producers with a plan

Feb 1, 2003

Clay Center, Neb.-A disease outbreak can be so severe it can put a beef or dairy producer out of business.

Scientists crack genome sequence of Johne's disease pathogen

Jan 1, 2003

St. Paul-Unlocking the gene sequencing of Johne's disease will undoubtedly lead to improved diagnostics and vaccines to fight the disease, a Johne's expert says.

DVMs can better use technicians' expertise to improve client service

Dec 1, 2002

Cleveland-Veterinarians say letting technicians take on some routine duties of farm calls can build a practice and improve healthcare delivery efficiency.

AABP moves to adopt 'down cow' policy

Nov 1, 2002

AABP convention attendance gains ground


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