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Articles by Daniel R. Verdon

5 strategies to douse conflict

Feb 22, 2011

Conflict happens, says marketing expert Karyn Gavzer to a packed room of veterinarians at the Western Veterinary Conference.

Bring the passion back to veterinary practice, says WVC keynote speaker

Motivational speaker outlines six keys to improving veterinary practice culture
Feb 21, 2011

Are you living your passion? It's a question that motivational speaker Gary Zelesky asked more than 350 veterinarians and team members today.

Rise and fall

Study examines resons behind declining visits
Feb 1, 2011

Orlando, Fla. — The majority of pet owners question the need for regular veterinary care.

Study documents decline of veterinary visits

Jan 17, 2011

The majority of pet owners question the need for regular veterinary care, study says.

CAPC, AHS weigh in on heartworm resistance issue

Vigilance, compliance remain cornerstone to prevention strategy
Jan 1, 2011

National Report — Studies are in the works to determine the scope of heartworm resistance and are expected to be unveiled to the veterinary market in the next six months.

In the public eye

Animal welfare: Profession should be actively involved in the debate, AAEP keynote presenter says
Jan 1, 2011

Baltimore — Veterinarians need to engage the public in dialogue about animal-welfare issues.

Bartonella: Quantifying new risks to veterinarians, patients

Dec 1, 2010

National Report — Bartonellosis: It's no longer considered a self-limiting disease, and for some people chronic infection can be as debilitating and hard to diagnose as Lyme disease.

Surviving bartonellosis

Veterinarian talks about long-term medical odyssey with disease
Dec 1, 2010

National Report — Her medical battle with bartonellosis lasted for years. Ironically, it took a horse throwing her, fracturing her shoulder, for physicians to make an accurate diagnosis.

Marty Becker: 'Remember the smell of puppy breath'

Nov 6, 2010

"We have a new mountain to climb," says Dr. Marty Becker, who headlined an evening session at CVC San Diego yesterday.


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